Why Log In?

We don't want to frustrate you! We just want to give you the data and make you happy.

But if we don't know who's happily downloading data, this website becomes vulnerable to cessation of support. We have to track basic usage to

  • tailor our services to fit your needs, and
  • command funds for continued support of these services.

We ask you to choose what broad user group you fit into, and to supply an email address which will be your log-in name. You can supply a mailing address for order delivery; or you can wait until you actually need to order something and do it then.

We track how many assessment reports are requested per user group. With some digging, we can also find out which ones were requested, but not by whom. For our own publications downloaded or ordered, we track how many of each specific one. This is so we can judge their usefulness to our clients.

Enjoy the service.